Green and Clean Rivers are our life.

The objective is to green areas around river and clean water of the river. The focus will be on all major rivers.

We have to live up to the highest standards of mental & emotional purity so that instead of contaminating the Ganga. We add a little of our purity to it. By making sure pure love is the origin and intention of all our actions, action taken out of pure Love are clean never selfish. National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA) approved ambitions project to prevent the discharge of untreated municipal sewage and industrial effluent in to the Ganga by 2010, 15,000 crore over the next 10 years required to creat necessary treatment and sewerage infrastructure. Currently sewerage treatment capacity 1000 mld, 3,000 mld sewage is being generated, 75% is caused by untreated sewerage discharge and industrial waste account for the remaining 25 %.