Green and Safe National Highways:

The Objective of the project is to educate the rural communities for Global Warming and making awareness for Environment in rural areas of India through Green wheel project and safe wheel. The objective is to make areas near national highway green and safe. Awareness campaign and public mobilization for Road safety and Plantation.

IEC(Information education and communication about road safety & Plantation Formation of groups Volunteers Publishing and circulating Books on Road Safety and measures

Green Wheel :

Historical- National Highways 100 mt left and 100 mt right to make a green belt and it will be done on government land and on private land, stipend will be given to the land owners based on number of trees planted. For State Highways 50 mts both side plantations will be done. In first phase NH-111, Bilaspur to Korba will be covered for 100 kms.

Safe wheel :

Along with the green wheel we can make, declare and identify an area (about 100 kilometers) as safe wheel to provide safety norms and other essentials to minimize the road accidents and achieve the idle position for road safety up to national and international marks, collaboration/support with ministry of coal (NHI), state and district department / authorities, PSUs and other private agencies. In the .In the first phase NH-111, Bilaspur to Korba about 50 KM length may be covered. Convergence of Resources: - Convergence of two projects green wheel & safe wheel can be implemented together, and it will save time & money. As we know both are the needs of present time and it will also help to achieve the goals of both the Project.