We follow simple methodology:

  • We plant trees – simply we plant trees.
  • Tree Maintenance – We do maintence of the trees for three years . After three years owner of the land will be owner of the trees and all the benefits from the tree.
  • We invite volunteers – be a part of eHariyali, we may contribute in several ways
  • We invite donations –donations for land, money, trees and services
  • We encourage ePlantation – a virtual trees
  • We make calls on your phone numbers to assist you on every aspect of planting trees

SARC society makes a CBO (Community based organization) of unemployed youth of the villages with some stipend package. CBO is informal committee of 12 persons in a village. These CBOs are attached with Village resource centers in the villages in the village resource centers society have established a computer with internet and Libraries. From the CBO each member has one field of action they are :-( Disaster- Friend, Agriculture -Friend, Insurance Friends ,Financial -Friends, Water-Friend, Books-Friends, Co-operative friends, Forest -Friends , Industrial- Friends ,Sports Friends, Carrier –Counselor & Health Counselor.

  • Aapda –Mitra.  (Duties involves taking meeting every week of villagers then tell them regarding the Hariyali project and implement it.)
  • Krishi-Mitra.  (helping the villagers for Farming activity and water management for farmland)
  • Bima –Mitra. (Help the villages for Insurance ).
  • Jal-Mitra.  ( Water Resource management).
  • Pustaka-Mitra.  ( looks after the Libraries of Society in Villages)
  • Sahkarita –Mitra.  ( Co-operative Movement in Villages)
  • Vaniki-Mitra.  (Forest Land Conservation (Plantation), Bee keeping training etc.)
  • Udayami-Mitra.  ( Industrial site in charges are contacted by Udayami mitras to follow the norms of the industries act .Making villagers aware of industrial waste and rescue operation during industrial disaster)
  • Kridha-rang Mitra. ( Motivational camp for team spirit in communities by organizing sports and Cultural activities)
  • Carrier Counselor.  ( carrier counseling for school going kids and Promote self employment rural industrialization)
  • Health Counselor. ( Awareness regarding Sanitation and other Health problems for Nirmal Gram)