We are an organization, working with people to improve livelihoods and restore degraded lands to sustainable productivity through planting beneficial trees.

Planting trees provides a range of benefits, such as food, forage for animals, sustainable fuel wood and construction materials, increased agricultural yields, improved water infiltration and aquifer recharge and protection of soils from wind and water erosion. However planting trees can be difficult when the canopy has disappeared, topsoil has been eroded, and the climate and growing conditions have changed.

Through our network of technicians, volunteers, and community leaders in India, our program reaches out and provides the knowledge and ability to rehabilitate their environment. Since many years, we have helped thousands of communities in India to improve their livelihoods and their environment by planting nearly xxx million trees. We calculate that these trees remove over xxx tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year.

We are also active locally, educating students and communities about global issues, our role in the environment, and energy efficiency.

  • For the Conservation and use of Solar Energy , Harvesting of rainwater for purposes of irrigation, plantations including Organic Farming ,Sericulture, Bee keeping horticulture and floriculture, pasture development, fisheries etc. To create sustainable sources of income for the village community as well as for safe drinking water supplies.
  • To assure overall development of villages through the Gram Panchayats and creating regular sources of income for the Panchayats from Plantations, Solid waste management & rainwater harvesting and management.
  • To promote Employment generation, poverty alleviation, community empowerment and development of human and other economic resources of the rural areas through online contributions for E-Hariyali project.
  • For mitigation of the adverse effects of extreme climatic conditions such as drought and desertification on crops, human and livestock population for the overall improvement of rural areas.
  • To re-establish ecological balance by harvesting, conserving and developing natural resources i.e. Land, water, vegetative cover especially plantations.
  • To encourage village community towards sustained community action for the operation and maintenance of assets created and further development of the potential of the natural resources.
  • To make community understand the context in which internet and online initiatives are to be implemented including social, economic, ecological and cultural aspects of community for this we are establishing village resource center with internet facility .
  • To make community understand concepts of Community Participatory Approaches, importance, applications and challenges while practicing Plantations, organic farming, Water Resource management Programmes in here the emphasis is on Participatory Management of Planted areas and involvement of Elected Panchayat Representatives
  • To make community understand significance of community based approach in linking Environment management with the community development and capacity building for this the Income generation programs are initiated in the villages to combat poverty and increase per capita income.
  • And finally Promoting use of simple, easy and affordable technological solutions and institutional arrangements that makes use of and builds upon, local technical knowledge and available materials.