Benefits of planting one tree

Value of one plant is not Rs.100 or Rs. 1000, No it is Rs.15,60,000 (Fifteen Lacs and Sixty Thousand)

  • One plant produces 1 tone of Oxygen per Year.
  • To check the air pollution the cost of one plant is Rs. 5 Lac.
  • To increase the fertility of land & for conservation of land the cost of 1 plant is Rs. 2, 50,000 (two lacs and fifty thousand only).
  • The role of plant for water and humidity cycles cost Rs. 3 lacs only.
  • For the settlement of wild life and to for preparation to produce the protein the cost of plant is Rs. 2, 70, 000 only.
  • Plants are valuable like, Children’s and very precious like old people in the house, save plant save mother Earth.