This is an initiative from SARC an NGO.

We are making link within environment conservation and income generation program in a sustainable manner Plant save both the earth and the grower.

This basically for capacity building of the rural Masses for integrated and sustainable developmental programs for Environment Management. Synergies with development and poverty reduction health, education, agriculture, and natural resource management, in our program we have blend all the component s together therefore it has became an integrated program this will have a long lasting impact on the society. Sustainability of the program because the plantation will be done with the motive of environment care with income generation or employment Generation. Curiosity among youths because of Internet and computer facility therefore the program will make awareness regarding Information technology and will be a great exposure for the youths of villages to be part of the program.

The innovative aspects of eHariyali is investing on human capital through environment is a sustainable way to ensure the future of the rural masses and capacitate its human resources to respond to emerging challenges in socio-economic and political environment.